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Raising the Bar is Crystal Mountain Trek’s effort to affect change in the way we, both Crystal Mountain Treks and the privileged Nepali’s, hold ourselves to a higher standard. Hopefully, this will also bring about a change in the way business is done in the tourism industry and in other industries in Nepal.


CMT announces donation of US$ 1,000 each for projects in Dolpa and Kanchenjunga (August 2009)

As part of CMT’s GIVING initiative to divert profit to development work in Nepal, CMT has announced a donation of US$ 1,000 each to community-based projects in Dolpa and Kanchenjunga in early 2010. More information on the recipients will be announced soon.

CMT team leader and 3 Summits for Nepal founder back in Nepal (July 2009)

Jwalant is back in Nepal in time to prepare for a hectic fall season after successfully leading climbs on Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington (USA). A total of 21 climbers participated in this year’s charity raising over US$ 23,000 (final numbers yet to be announced). So it looks like children of the Shree Pathibara school in Kavre will not have to worry about attending classes in a precarious old building. Work on the new building is scheduled to commence after the monsoons in Nepal.

Gift of sight (February 2009)

Jenny of Crystal Mountain Treks met Aash Maya, an eight-year-old visually impaired girl, while on a short trek in a remote region in Gorkha. She has started a fund to help rehabilate Aash Maya. Jenny has donated US$ 150 and Crystal Mountain Treks has added US$ 100 to the fund. More is needed for Aash Maya’s long-term rehabilation.

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Aash Maya Photos…

Our first and most important initiative – Redefining staff care.

Change begins at home. It is only natural that we treat our staff in the best possible way. While we already pride ourselves as being the company that provides the best staff wages, we have decided it is time to raise the bar.

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Fund raising for Kartike Deurali school on track (June 2009)

Over US$ 10,000 has already been raised for the Kartike Deurali school. 3 Summits’ goal is to raise a total of US$ 20,000. Crystal Mountain Treks team leader, Jwalant Gurung, has personally raised US$ 933 which includes pledges of US$ 500 from his Nepali friends and family. To donate, click here….

3 Summits to raise money to rebuild Karttike Deurali school (February 2009)

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Crystal Mountain to help “3 Summits” build a school (December 2008)

Crystal mountain will help “3 Summits” build a school in Kavre district east of Kathmandu.

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Outing with the kids from Hopeful Home (December 2008)

The Crystal Mountain family took 40 or so kids from Hopeful Home for a picnic.

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