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About Us


Crystal Mountain Treks is one of 2,000 and counting trekking organizations based in Nepal. So why book a trip with us? We believe the following reasons would help convince you (By the way, we walk the talk!):

Our clients always come first

We make the extra effort to ensure that your trip with us is nothing less than a “Trip of a Lifetime.” We know very well that you have traveled half-way around the world investing a substantial amount of time and money. All our services are personalized, allowing you to experience more than the average visitor. When you first send us a query we will work with you, providing you with pertinent information and assistance, to choose the trip that best suits your interests and needs. After you book, we will again provide you customized information that will help you prepare for your trip.


“I cannot recommend Crystal Mountain Treks highly enough. Crystal Mountain’s porters are very well taken care of – some trekking companies short change their porters, but not Crystal Mountain. All porters and kitchen staff were outfitted with proper hiking boots, pants, and warm coats for the freezing nights on this trek. Abundant, good food was also prepared by the kitchen staff for themselves and porters as well. I’ve been on treks where the porters wore flip flops and ate virtually nothing during the trek – that situation borders on cruelty to my thinking. Thanks to all, and best wishes to Jwalant and to the continued success of Crystal Mountain Treks.” 

Sally Fouhse, Santa Barbara, CA 

Staff care

The well being of our staff is very important to us! We pride ourselves as being among outfits in Nepal that provide the best wages for staff. Our guides, staff and porters are paid wages well above the minimum set by the government. All our staff are insured. On any high-altitude trek, our porters and staff are provided boots, gloves/mittens, sun-glasses, parkas and warm hats. If a staff on a trek is in need of immediate helicopter evacuation, we will provide one and pay for it and also for all trek-related medical expenses. On all lodge treks we pay for porter meals in the lodges. Other trekking companies only pay a wage. On camping treks, we will provide porters meals along with our staff so they don’t have to worry about cooking after a strenuous day of carrying heavy load. Again, with other trekking companies, porters are responsible for their own meals.

How many outfits, including those based outside of Nepal but running trips in Nepal, do you know would do the same?
It’s no surprise that our people have been working with us for decades – and with two generations of owners: Dinesh Gurung, founder of Crystal Mountain Treks, and Jwalant Gurung, current owner and team-leader.

Reasonable pricing

We believe all our trips are fairly priced. Our trips are definitely not the cheapest option available, but are priced well below expensive ones. When dealing with us, there are no hidden costs. All inclusions are listed clearly. And all your major trip expenses besides your international airfare, your insurance and staff gratuities are included.

On lodge treks, we include three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and you may choose any food item from the lodge menu – no set meals! We also provide boiled water three times a day on lodge treks.

Expert leadership and experienced staff

The managers at Crystal Mountain have trekked throughout the Himalayas. Jwalant and Jenny are Nepali and are aware of the Western taste as a result of their US education. They will be able to help plan and organize the right trip for you!

Our staff are experienced, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The average experience of our guides is 15 years. Our cooks and kitchen staff are well aware of western standards of hygiene. Over the years, they have gained much experience in preparing Western dishes and catering to Western tastes. Our cooks are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs of our clients.

We give back to our community

Crystal Mountain Treks gives back to our community by contributing a portion of our profits to community-based initiatives in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal. Visit the 3 Summits for Nepal page to learn more about our giving initiatives.


We Care for Our Environment

We conduct our trips in a manner that respects and conserves the natural landscape and biodiversity. Our staff are trained to bring back with them all cans and other non-biodegradable items to Kathmandu where they are disposed properly. They are also advised to strictly follow the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project and National Park “Code of Conduct.” On our camping treks, we provide keresone so porters don’t use fire-wood for cooking.


We are registered with the Tourism Department of Nepal and are members of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal and the Nepal Mountaineering Association. We are also members of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association).

Check up on us!

So please don’t take our word for it – feel free to ask us for references. Upon request, we will send you an updated list of Crystal Mountain friends who have trekked with us either in the current season or year. You may contact as many of them as you wish to verify about our quality and value-filled services.