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Testimonial of Nan Tubb

Nan Tubb

Our Annapurna Circuit hiking adventure was the most challenging 5 week trek we have ever completed, but also the most awesome experience - one which we will never forget. The intent of trekking in Nepal was to experience all that Nepal had to offer in terms of people, culture, food and the beauty of the Himalayan mountains. Our experiences with Crystal Mountains Treks exceeded these expectations – well done for the excellent organisation. Ram is an excellent guide and a very good recommendation. He did an amazing job to ensure our experience was safe at all times, was always very considerate of our needs and flexible in every approach. His constant advice to khripaya bistaari tala jhara was excellent advice. What’s the hurry? Take is slowly, enjoy the scenery, stop for a cup of tea. Many cups of tea were drank throughout the trip. The tea bill alone must be one of the biggest you have seen! Ram’s level of leadership with Sune, Raju and Sujan was outstanding. The accommodation, local hospitality and food (mitho, mitho) was perfect and we enjoyed every day. Ram was always willing to explain the Nepalese culture and go out of his way to show the historical and religious aspects of Nepalese life. Nan Tubb Australia

Trip: Annapurna Circuit Trek

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