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Testimonial of Alfred and Alexandra Ressenig

Alfred and Alexandra Ressenig

We had a very special request and challenge for Jwalant earlier this year as we managed to get a 2 months\' vacation and wanted to spend the major part of it on an extended trekking route through Upper and Lower Dolpo. Jwalant responded with a tailor made end to end proposal including a trekking itinerary which exactly met our expectations. Having made already best experiences with Crystal Mountains on the Manaslu circuit two years back it was an easy task also this time to close the deal with Jwalant for our Dolpo adventure. On September 4th our trek set off in Jomsom in company of the guide Rajbir, assistant guide Devraj, cook Chitra, three kitchen boys, a horseman and five horses. Soon we realized that Dolpo is very special indeed in particular in terms of the remoteness of the area, the many magic places, specific flora and fauna, number of high passes, lack of infrastructure and the splendid feeling of being far away from home and quickly leaving all the odd home problems behind. Our whole team was fantastic. Everybody knew what has to be done at any time. Everything worked smoothly with no tensions even after sticking together for several weeks. The equipment was excellent as well and the two of us could enjoy every single day. After 40 days of trekking at its best we arrived in Darbang with a rough road connection to Beni and further on to Pokhara. When we started our farewell party on the same evening it also started heavily to rain which didn\'t stop for the next 30 or so hours. It turned out that this became the famous blizzard which killed so many local and foreign trekkers in higher locations up in Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Mustang and Dolpo area. We were very lucky also in this respect. Our timing for the whole trip couldn\'t have been any better and the decision to walk from Jomsom to Darbang rather than vice versa was the right one. We\'ll keep this trip in our minds as probably the best trek which we ever did in our life. With kind thanks to Jwalant and Jordan for arranging this trip as well as to Rajbir and the whole team for making the trek to such an outstanding experience, Alfred and Alexandra Ressenig, Munich, Germany.

Trip: Upper Dolpo - The Crystal Mountain Trek

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